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We’re on a mission to break the boundaries that have mis-shaped culture, through connecting brands and talent with opportunities like never before.


The world typically thinks of marketing as commercials, digital ads, social media, events, and retail… and they’re not wrong, but there's only one playbook that powers a genre of marketing to activate something bigger. When done well, it’s explosive, fast, and costs a fraction of traditional spend. 

Yet, marketers continue to spend billions of dollars on outdated targeting strategies based on high-level demographic information that has us looking at labels instead of people. Age, gender, race, and location -  have divided culture, speaking to us as if we fit into a single group when we’re really a total of our experiences.

We’ve always broken that boundary. 

People often attribute our success to things like networking, celebrities, and creative ideas, but we’ve built a process, and now, we’ve built an algorithm that turns insights into impact. 

ØPUS is on a mission to break the boundaries that have misshaped culture, through connecting brands and talent, with opportunities like never before.

We’ve spent our careers learning this practice from some of the best. Many of them have joined us on our investment and advisory board. These are not only close friends, but esteemed brand executives, leaders in enterprise software, influential music label owners, successful sports teams, talented artists, and celebrated athletes. Together, we bring a wealth of expertise, an extensive network, and personal commitment to the growth of our partners.

-Omar Johnson

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Founder and CEO
Omar Johnson
Head of Product
Dave Cotter
Head of Strategy + Operations
Alexandra Rossi
Head of UX & Design
Pablo Villarreal
Principal Data Scientist
Corrie Elston
Senior Product Manager
Kellen Bryan
Talent Director
Erik Johnson

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